Friday, December 19, 2014

Starting January 2011 the EPA(Environmental Protection Agency) will be mandating that GDF's (Gasoline Dispensing Facilities) conduct stage I Vapor Balancing testing.

Compliance Management
    Customized Service Plans
    Petroleum Storage Tank Inspections    
      - Operator A/B    
      - Compliance    
      - Insurance    
      - Preventative Maintenance    
      - Annual Audits    
      - Pre State Inspections
      - State Inspection Support
      - Pre Purchase Inspections
    Alarm Polling / Sensor Compliance    
    S.I.R. (statistical Inventory Reconciliation)

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Maintenance Management
    Develop a Facility Specific
       Maintenance Program    
    UST Project Management    
    Maintenance Dispatching    
    QA/QC of Third Party Contractors    
    24/7 Emergency Spill Response    
    Contractor Work Orders

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Data Management
    Inspection Reports    
    Facility Permits / Placards    
    Release Detection Results    
    Testing Documents    
    Financial Responsibility Insurance    
    Operator A/B/C Training Certificate
    State Regulatory Forms/Reports    
    Desktop Audits
    Master Service Agreement/Contracts    
    Facility Photos
    As Built Drawings

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